National Health Information System (SLOVAKIA)

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Cloud service National eHealth information system is the country wide solution, designed in order to serve the citizens of Slovakia to provide access to the digital health cloud services. The NHIS cloud is operated by National center of health information, which represents a structure of Slovak Republic.Ministry of health. The NHIS cloud services provides the key central functionality of Slovakia end enables access of more than 20 000 physicians and health professionals to the health informatics resources and on the other side ensures access of 5,5 millions of Slovakia citizens. It is an example of unique centralized eHealth solution among European countries.

Platform.sh (FRANCE)

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Platform.sh is a container based, second generation Platform-as-a-Service focused on Continuous deployment. We have developed a very innovative new product, based on a different approach developed during 2,5 years of R&D before a commercial launch in July 2014.

EBRC Cloud/Managed Services (LUXEMBOURG)

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TrustedCloudEurope has been designed on European Clients’ main requirements in EBRC own infrastructures in Luxembourg and is exclusively operated by EBRC certified experts. In a short period of time, the company's Clients find in EBRC a Trusted partner understanding their needs and offering a unique combination of innovative solutions thanks to a complete service portfolio (Datacenter, Resilience, Advisory-, Security-, Cloud- and Managed Services)

Star Storage (ROMANIA)


StarCapture Mobile is a revolutionary solution, specially created for mobile devices, the optimal solution for companies requiring mobility, with direct impact on the sales force. They will sign several contracts in a shorter period of time, regardless of customer location. StarCapture Mobile is a practical and ergonomic application running on Windows 8.1 and provides the possibility of custom sales processes, data correctly inserted from the first moment and streamlining the registration of new customers into systems (BI, ERP). The solution provides total freedom, running on all operating systems available on mobile devices. StarCapture Mobile is a solution designed in the Cloud era, being optimized for delivery "as a Service", both in its own data center in Romania, and in Microsoft Azure for global coverage.

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Founded in 2006, Sykio developed “Ogust Manager” and brought the Solution to market, as the first SaaS management solution dedicated to the home services sector. 10 years experience in the home services sector led us to develop “Ogust SelfService”, the first e-commerce (BtoBtoC) solution for home service companies.

Hybrid Cloud by Cartagon is a new concept we are taking to the market, in order to expand the wave of cloud adoption through a simple process were we will define the most optimal solution for each customer depending on their real needs. In the end, it is a process that allow us to recommend the customer, depending on technical, compliance, legal and efficiency inputs, if they should go to a localized cloud solution, a de-localized public cloud solution or an hybrid concept among them.

Innova Bilisim Cozumleri (TURKEY)

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Lega Cloud - Legal Automation System. Lega Cloud runs on a new advanced hybrid architecture that synchronizes cloud services with local corporate systems and their integration layer. In this new architecture, both law offices and small and medium sized enterprises can operate their legal case files using a common application. This business model replaces both the simple clientlevel applications used by law offices and the enterprise-level systems of their clients, therefore providing a single integrated platform.

Ymens Teamnet (ROMANIA)


The ICIPRO project – Cloud Infrastructure for Public Institutions in Romania – has emerged out of the need for efficient acquisition, implementation, operation and usage of IT infrastructure, and from the desire to be aligned with both Romanian and European strategy regarding eGovernment services and Cloud Computing. This project is the first Cloud infrastructure project in Romania and addresses typical pain-points of Public Administration.

ICT Bulut Bilişim A.Ş (TURKEY)


Bulutistan provides Cloud services for supplying, configuration and management of Cloud Technology products. Drawing its strength form local and foreign partners, Bulutistan makes a difference with the Cloud solutions it provides. The company comes to the forefront with its leader solutions provided by Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure platforms. In case of need during or after the technology analysis including the process of Remote Backup, Data Security etc., Bulutistan almost meets all the needs from one single point.

Telindus Telecom U-flex identifies infrastructure service solutions using the cloud, offering companies a completely flexible and investment-free ICT service, providing them with complete control over operational costs and a guaranteed superior-quality service. Our customers benefit from our cloud managed services through operational and financial flexibility: to get access to a premium service and align customers’ ICT services with their business requirements.

Great Research and Development (ROMANIA)

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The Great People Inside concept is developed by an international consortium of assessment and recruitment experts holding decades of collective experience and know-how in HR and related areas like coaching, performance optimisation.  The GR8PI platform has evolved into the only service offering truly customisable assessments and surveys based on a unique IMF-inspired global pricing model. During the past year Great People Inside has evolved from a local Bucharest based Cloud startup up, to an international company headquartered in Singapore with representations in EU, UAE, Asia and North America.

HOUR, spol. s r.o. (SLOVAKIA)

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We help companies make their HR processes more effective. Each company wants to reduce red tape, save their time and energy. Many HR departments spend most of their time doing paperwork, running common processes, dealing with regulations. Then there is very little time left for strategic planning and further development. That is why we looked for a solution helping companies to make their every day HR work easier and more simple. We have developed one – the 24-hour personal assistant. Its story started two years ago when we first got the idea of using personal kiosks and the software eHUMAN to make HR processes more effective, and to make work easier for all employees. Since then, there has been a lot of work and testing, and nowadays the solution is used by more than 10 companies in Slovakia.  

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For the Spain in a Day project, Mediacloud had to create a high availability and high performance payper-use platform. The reasoning was simple; the project required that users from many different places in the world could upload daily videos to the project platform at the same time, while simultaneously allowing the other users to use the platform to display the uploaded videos. The project received, in less than a month, 22,500 videos from places all around the world and more than 680,000 views. Thanks to the Spain in a Day project, Mediacloud can now create a platform like Youtube, ensuring no loading or display problems even in situations such as many simultaneous users watching the same video at the same time, or many users uploading different videos to the platform.

The INSEEC project has a global reach. The platform is scalable in order to grow together with the luxury attitude program: thousands of users should connect at the same time. It must be available anywhere, anytime in the world, without any service interruption and should answer to high traffic peaks in France and abroad. Open Source technologies such as Drupal and Moodle have been used to carry out this project. The aim is to provide a reliable service and an optimal user experience to online trainees throughout the world, a highly available architecture, through Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Therefore, 26 VM (virtual machines) have been set up in to host the data, including 3 for videos (e-learning modules)

Medius Cloud Secure Element (SLOVENIA)


CloudSE can be used wherever there is a need for a secure storage of personal data on the mobile device which is used on the contactless infrastructure (POS terminals/validators). CloudSE perfectly fits the field of a NFC banking eco system and others such as digital ticketing, loyalty, access control, identification, etc. where currently we are facing extensive use of contactless plastic smart cards. Smart cards can with the use of CloudSE be easily replaced by the virtual card instances stored in the cloud.

Combis Private Cloud (CROATIA)

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The Private Cloud at Croatian Post by ComCloud is a highly modular solution, offering multiple services and numerous possibilities for the service provider and the end user, within one infrastructure. ComCloud is a complete Cloud solution, following NIST and ITU-T standards. ComCloud is a single platform for multiple Cloud services that allows service providers to build up their public Cloud offerings.

Crunch was launched in 2009 and is the UK’s first and fastest­growing online accountancy firm, combining a team of expert in­house accountants available on­demand with simple online accounting software. It now has 170 team members and a turnover of £7 million. It is designed specifically for freelancers, contractors, small businesses and startups to provide game­changing online accounting at half the cost of its traditional competitors. Crunch provides more than just an accountancy firm – everything customers need to manage their finances.

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The TodoenCloud Cloud Bursting Service is a complete and safe solution that allows our customers to deploy projects anywhere in the world without architecture or management problems. Cloud Bursting combines capacity with a global infrastructure management. It is our star business strategy. Cloud as a Service is a reality with our solution.

HP – Hrvatska pošta d.d.

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Private Cloud at Croatian Post

Arcelik A.Ş (TURKEY)

The Spare Parts Forecasting Project was implemented using the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning platform, which helped us develop a rapid and flexible solution. The project consists of an end-to-end automated process for data collection from different systems, forecast calculation and reporting. Within the system, the demand for spare parts for the last 3 years is transferred to a SQL database on an Azure VM. Azure Machine Learning is then able to learn from the historical data utilizing a customer built R code module. The results are written back to the SQL database on an Azure VM. They are then transferred back to the local system of the customer to be reported. Experiment automation is done within Azure Data Factory. Powered by cloud computing, the project was implemented within a very short time of 3 months and 40 man-days of Azure consultancy.

Showpad (UK)


Showpad provides a content marketing and sales enablement platform that helps companies activate their content so the can more meaningful conversation with customers, instill confidence in their organization, positively impact their organization’s bottom line and elevate their brand. Unlike traditional file sharing or content management systems, Showpad is the only platform that uses the cloud to help organizations effortlessly present content in a branded environment to all channels and to easily measure the impact of content on their business. With the Showpad cloud solution, marketing teams can update content on the fly and analyze the how assets are most valuable to sales, can be tied into new opportunities, and their overall return on investment. For sales, Showpad provides a single location where all relevant collateral for meeting can be found to present in customer communications, available anywhere, from any device.



Zitec’s cloud migration service is designed to help companies either migrate an entire application to a public cloud platform or extend an existing application to the cloud using a hybrid approach. The service covers all phases of such projects: compatibility audit, effort estimation, planning, migration, cost optimizations, monitoring & alerting. Our company has worked with a multitude of local and regional companies in order to migrate their application. Customers range from successful start-ups or SMEs (such as Borealy, Zonia, LaFemme etc) to mature companies (Studio Moderna, Preturi Pentru Tine, Flanco, eMag, Cargus, etc) and large multinational corporations (CFR Calatori, ENGIE, Rompetrol KazMunayGas).

Omega software d.o.o. (CROATIA)


Two years ago, we have made a step forward into embracing Cloud technologies for agile development, shorter time to market and potential global reach. OpenDataStore (ODS) is a platform that gives true power to open data and offers numerous solutions for empowering smart cities, regions and states to open up towards citizens. ODS is based on open data portal with related solutions designed to increase quality of life. To enable cities (and other levels of governments – regional and national) to purchase the solution easier and to maximize the value of it, we have created ODS Basic package that gives governments and citizens access to three solutions: ODS DataStage, ODS OpenDataPortal and ODS MyCity, all three carefully designed to make management of modern cities easier and more fun.

Nuageo (FRANCE)


The ultimate goal is for Nuageo to help transform the IT department into a Service Center, and achieve a perfect alignment between métiers and IT: the creation of a DIT, or Digital and IT department, with DIT teams delegated in the métiers team; not to bring a level of support closer to the end-user, but to help the DIT teams achieve a much better understanding of the needs of the company as well as positionning the DIT department as a lever for improved efficiency and productivity through the use of new tools.

Mikrografija d.o.o. (SLOVENIA)

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mDocs – business process management system. With implementation of mDocs system, a faster, cheaper and more organized system for document and process management is established. System mDocs with advanced modules enables users to manage and review Incoming Mail, carry out Invoice verification, manage Contracts, Projects, HR folders, documentation and process according to ISO standards and also absence. In conjunction with components such as mSign all documents can be signed with verificated electronic signature. The use of mDocs speeds up the processing of a document from creation, through to the compliant and safe archive in accordance with predetermined rules.

Verifone (TURKEY)

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Verifone Retail Cloud Solutions and Trusted Service Manager (TSM) based in Istanbul Data Center At Verifone, we believe payments can help create great consumer experiences and drive revenue. It shouldn’t just be about swiping a card; it should be about making shopping and buying easier so merchants can sell more. We’re connecting payment devices to the cloud—merging the online and in-store shopping experience and creating the next generation of digital engagement between merchants and consumers. We are built on a 30-year history of uncompromised security with 29 million terminals deployed worldwide.

Innova Bilisim Cozumleri (TURKEY)


  One of the most important cloud offerings of Innova is the horizontal IoT platform, SkywaveIoT. SkywaveIoT platform is built to empower Internet of Things, enables to develop brand new innovative vertical IoT applications with a flexible and reliable architecture. SkywaveIoT is a platform with a flexible, reliable and secure architecture to connect your devices to the cloud for any of your IoT applications. New IoT applications for various areas are already being developed leveraging SkywaveIoT platform. SkywaveIoT will accelerate all the things in your personal and business life become smarter, intelligent and more connected.


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  GTS Cloud Suite provides a complete set of private, public and hybrid cloud services designed to meet the most specific requirements of our customers. GTS delivers custom solutions based on consulting the clients, identifying their particular needs and demands onto which professionals develop tailor-made solutions. GTS Telecom, part of former GTS Central Europe and currently owned by Deutsche Telekom AG, is one of the main infrastructure-based providers of telecommunication and data center services in Romania and is positioned as a quality leader in the communications segment for medium and large companies.

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